How to prepare for General Awareness Section of SSC CGL Prelims Exam?

General Awareness section is very scoring section of SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam if one prepares it thoroughly. This section has 25 questions carrying 50 marks. Syllabus of general awareness is very vast and time is less. Come what may it is generally observed that aspirants are not able to complete their syllabus before the exam. Therefore to prepare for this section one needs to have a smart strategy to combat the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam.

Strategy to prepare for GA section of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam:

1. Visit the official website and note down the latest syllabus and exam pattern of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam.
2. Go through GA section of previous year question papers and note down the trend it follows. This exercise will help you to find out the important topics on which more questions are asked every year. Analyze at least last five year question papers of SSC CGL tier 1 to have an idea about the same.
3. Buy a competitive and comprehensive Resource Book of General Awareness covering all the topics of the syllabus laid down by SSC.
4. One can start from any of the topics of GA. Most of the topics are already studied by you in the school therefore a quick and thorough revision can also help.
5. To make the learning exam oriented, one can join online test series for SSC CGL 2018 EXAM and attempt at least one or two topic test
It is advisable to divide study schedule according to the subjects it covers in SSC CGL GA sections such as History, Polity, Geography, and others. Do not learn more than one topic from these or else you will forget soon.
Some of the important topics to be covered for GA section of SSC CGL EXAM are given below:
– History and Culture.
– Geography.
– Polity.
– Economics (Macro + Micro).
– General Science ( Physics + Chemistry + Biology).
– Computer basics and latest advancements in technology.
– Current affairs based questions.
– Other static factual GK.
• History
– Ancient History
• Harappan Civilisation, Vedic age(Aryans) ,Mauryan civilization, Gupta empire, Buddhism, Jainism, Cholas, Sangam literature and books, Famous Battles , chronology
– Medieval History
• Invaders, Dynasties, chronology of events, famous battles, Mughals, Travellers and religion, slave dynasty rulers.
– Modern History
• Chronology of events till independence, Leaders, movements, Viceroys and Governor Generals, Constituent assembly, 1857 war of independence, INC
• Geography
– Indian Geography
• Features, Climate, Agriculture, Environment, Industry, minerals, Transport
– Climatic events
• About Volcanoes, earthquakes, Tsunamis, Cyclones , Name of recent cyclones
– Global warming , Indian monsoon
– Physical Geography – Wind system, Soils, Earth , Solar system
• Political Studies
– Constitution
• Features, various sources, Articles and schedules of constitution.
– Famous Social Sector schemes (like swatch bharat , aadhar)
– System of Government (President, PM, Parliament)
– Defence exercises of India with other nations , Summits (SAARC, SCO, BRICS etc)
• Economics
• Indian Economy fundamentals and updates (GDP, GNP, Fiscal deficit)
• Banking and Insurance, RBI, SEBI, IRDAI
• Money and security markets.
• External trade.
• Economic institutions (World Bank, IMF, ADB)
• Agriculture and Industry.
• Microeconomics (Supply and demand, Monopoly, duopoly etc)
• Other concepts and developments(GST, Bitcoin etc)
• Science and Technology
– Physics
• Concepts, definitions, physics phenomenon( like Total Internal Reflection), SI units facts.
– Chemistry
• Useful Chemical substances, formulas, important processes etc.
– Biology
• Human body, Diseases, Plant systems, Animal and Plant kingdoms.
– Computer
Basic computers, acronyms, Concepts and latest advancements
• Static GK and Current Affairs
– Famous personalities
– Awards (National and International)
– World’s highest, fastest, biggest, lowest etc.
– Countries and currencies and capitals
– Books and authors
– Middle east countries
– Sports related
– Important appointments in India (like CJI, Chief Election Commissioner etc)
-     Other important current happenings

Hope this information will help you to frame an effective study strategy giving appropriate time to cover the entire syllabus of GA. Although one can join SSC COACHING in HYDERABAD or elsewhere to know the syllabus and prepare for SSC CGL Exam yet it is equally important to give an extra time to understand the topics. Thus one requires a self study pattern to follow to ace the exams like SSC CGL EXAM where there is lot of competition.
All the best!!!!


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